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2018 New Mexico Hunting Recap

Our 2018 season turned out better than expected with the antler growth as good or better than average due to the high country we hunt in. We drew fairly good although not as many as 2017.

On the archery hunts we had 4 hunters on both season with 3 out of four taking bulls on the first season and 1 out of 4 on the last season for a 50% kill rate and all hunters having opportunities, missed shots and one bull wounded that got away. Two of the bulls were 340+ bulls. One hunter missed two shots at a huge 400 class bull.

On the rifle hunts we had 4 hunters the first week with all four taking bulls, 381 and 348 being the biggest. On the second season we had 5 hunters and 2 took bulls with everyone having opportunities with missed shots and some bulls turned down, looking for bigger ones.

It was a wetter hunting season this year with about 5-6 inches of snow on the first rifle hunt. The elk numbers were good with a good number of bulls and most everybody getting into some action every day.

Our hunts are all true pack-in adventures into the rugged back country of the Gila Wilderness to a quality wall tent camp set up and use top notch guides, cooks and wranglers. Our camps are in 7-12 miles and get beyond most of the hunting pressure.

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We are proud to announce that our daughter Paula has joined us full time as a full partner in our business. She is a great asset and will make San Francisco River Outfitters strong well into the future.

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2017 New Mexico Hunting Recap

The New Mexico Hunting of the Gila Wilderness continues to treat us well with our elk herd stable to increasing. 2017 was a great year for our hunters taking 5 archery bulls and 12 rifle bulls out of the Gila Wilderness. Our archery hunters were over 30% successful and the rifle hunters went almost 80%.  We had a good draw this year drawing over 30% of the applicants we applied in the 10% outfitted pool of licenses.We took a lot of nice bulls with three over 350 and saw some really big bulls that eluded us again. Three bulls over 400 were still walking after the hunts

We hunted out of two camps this year with our camps being 12 miles apart, which spread out our hunters into a lot of country where we see very few other hunters.

2018 should be a good year since we left many big bulls still walking.